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>>Phishing Scam Alert!!<<

Email Recovery!

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On Saturday morning, June 11th, we had a hardware issue with our mail server. None of your e-mails were lost, but if you find you have any missing emails previous to Saturday we should be able to recover  them on a case by case basis.

If you need to recover any e-mails that were saved on the mail server before Saturday morning, please contact our Internet Help Desk at  800-232-7094 and we will help you in the recovery of the e-mails.

Congratulations Consolidated Community Scholarship Winners!

Consolidated Companies Inc.

Consolidated would like to congratulate our Scholarship Winners for the 2016-2017 academic year!

Katelyn Coble daughter of Jason & Belinda Coble
Mullen HS


Tate Lueth son of Jeffrey & Dana Lueth
Medicine Valley HS


Madison Taylor daughter of Jamie Taylor
Thedford HS


Sydney Wells daughter of Mark & Kristine Wells
Anselmo-Merna HS


Mariah Curtis daughter of Adam & Kathy Curtis
Perkins County HS

All have been awarded a $2000 scholarship based on outstanding academic and community leadership. Congratulations future leaders of our communities!

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