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Congratulations to Our Scholarship Winners!

2015ScholwinnersSo proud of our Scholarship winners! Congratulations! (click for full sized photo)
Back row: Jessica Schrad, Austin Helmer, Trent Geiser, Adam Starr, Brett Storer, Collin Thompson, Savannah Elliott, Trentee Bush
Front row: Brandy Schaack, Brooke Moore, Cody Warren, Alexis Franzen, Madison Clark, Shaina Simonson, Mariah Curtis, Alissa Rosentrater

Position for Combination Technician open!

 Position for Combination Technician in Hyannis

We are looking for an energetic, detail-oriented individual to fill the position of Combination Technician in the Hyannis, Nebraska area.

One to three years of experience in maintenance and installation of telephone, cable TV, and internet is desired, but not required.  Telecommunications or electronics degree preferred.  Must have knowledge of basic electronics, cable color code, test equipment, computers, key systems, and DSL modems. Successful candidates must also have the ability to interpret staking sheets, maps, work orders, and cable counts.  Cable splicing experience including fiber cable, is preferred as experience with construction equipment and tools, including trenchers and backhoes.

Excellent communication and customer relationship skills required.  Must possess a valid driver's license and be able to dig ditches, climb ladders/ poles, and lift up to 50 pounds.

A successful applicant must possess product knowledge, be able to work well with other team members and is confident when working independently.


Please send resume or direct any questions to:

Ryan Pate



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