About Consolidated Telephone Answering the Call

About Consolidated Telephone Answering the Call

Technology has advanced in the past 50 years, and in that time Consolidated has brought the world closer to Nebraskans. We continue to provide unparalleled convenience to homes and businesses through superior communications products and services.

A History of Dedication.

Consolidated has a strong dedication to you and to Nebraska. We have invested vast resources in the economic development of our state, infrastructure and schools because it's our home, too. You can count on us to be there with high-quality products and services now...and in the years ahead.

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We're Consolidated. Connecting your community with the world.

Consolidated has always been committed to bringing you the best services possible:

* Telephone
* LightNet DSL
* Internet
* Voice mail
* Caller ID
* Call waiting
* Call forwarding
* Video

All of the advanced telecommunications services that connect your community with the world are available to you. Consolidated can truly be the only telecommunications provider you need.

Consolidated Employee Special Recognition Nomination

employeeAt Consolidated, we like to recognize employees who help make our company and communities better. Take a moment to suggest a Consolidated employee who you feel is worthy of additional recognition. Both Consolidated employees and customers are welcome to submit nominations.
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