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We’re all looking for more bang for our buck as we shop this holiday season! Right now, call Consolidated and you can move your bundle to the next level for only a buck more than your current plan and keep that price for a year!

CALL 800-742-7464 for more details!

Now that’s more bang for your buck!

Consolidated has the speed you need for:

  • Fast downloads
  • No Data Caps
  • Multiple video streaming devices
  • No more waiting

Our broadband services for our residential consumers provide a fast and easy Internet access. Once connected to your home or business, devices such as computers can be set up for always on, fast access, and home networking.

Our broadband speeds vary depending on the particular type of Internet Access you are looking for. Find the right one for you.

*Service availability and internet speed will depend on location.
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Ala Carte (20M/10M)
Ala Carte (20M/1M)
Ala Carte (15M/5M)
Ala Carte (10M/1M)
Ala Carte (5M/1M)
Ala Carte (20M/20M)
Ala Carte (40M/40M)
Ala Carte (50M/50M)
Ala Carte (100M/100M)

Consolidated Broadband Service is available in many, but not all Consolidated service areas. Please contact us about availability in your specific location.

If you'd like more information on Consolidated's Broadband Internet Service, call us at 800-742-7464, or complete the information request form below and we'll contact you!

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