Residential Bundles

Bundle your services together to unleash the savings! Combine our Broadband Internet Service with our Reliable Telephone Service  and your favorite calling features to create that great money saver!

Residential bundles contain:

Bundle (1M/384K)
Bundle (5M/1M)

Broadband Bundle

If you prefer a bundle that includes Broadband Internet access and Unlimited Local Telephone Service without the Telephone Calling Features, consider one of the following:

Bundle (5M/1M)*
Bundle (20M/10M)
Bundle (15M/5M)
Bundle (20M/1M)
Bundle (10M/1M)



*  Does not include Calling Features.
**  Does not include Business.
***  Some restrictions apply.
****  1 MB only; 5 MB, 10 MB, 15 MB, 20 MB extra; 768 KB not available with bundle.

Residential Bundle Agreement Or Product Brochure