Consolidated Community Scholarship Online Application

Community Scholarships

  • Step 1: Personal Information

  • (if different)


  • Step 2: Upload Document

  • Please submit the following information in a document labeled with your name and high school:
    1. Leadership, Community Service and Work History
    1. Provide a summary of leadership positions held including awards, recognitions and activities.
      (i.e. captain, president, athletic letters, music or drama ratings, etc.)
    2. List Community Service Organizations, number of years of participation and number of volunteer hours spent.
      (i.e. clubs, athletics, church, etc.)
    3. Describe work history, length of employment and number of hours worked.
    4. Upload document:
  • Word document or other text file with the above info:

    2. Essay
    1. In 300 words or less, describe how your education will help you contribute to the quality of life in rural Nebraska.
    2. Upload Essay:
  • Word document or other text file with the above info:

    3. Scholarship
    1. Include a high school transcript or two letters of recommendation.
    2. Upload Document:
  • Document with the above info:
  • Step 3: Verify Information

  • All eligibility requirements must be met. Failure to provide the above information may result in disqualification. Winners agree to have their names released to the media. Scholarships may only be used for payment of tuition. Payments will be made directly to the school after the student provides confirmation of enrollment.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.