About Your Phone Bill

How and When We Bill
Payment Methods
Late Payments
Returned Checks
Credits and Refunds
Vacation Rate


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Payment Return
The top section of the first page shows your name, your account number and the total amount due. Please return this portion of the bill with your payment in the return envelope provided.

Summary of Charges
The bottom section of the first page is a summary of payment and billing information including recurring, non-recurring, and long distance charges, as well as applicable surcharges and taxes.



Detail of Recurring and Non-recurring Charges
Your monthly charges are itemized in this section.
Non-recurring charges such as installation, and pro-rated charges for service from the date of installation to the end of the month.




Messages and Explanations
On the back of the first page you will find important messages and an explanation of the monthly charges located in the summary section of the bill.





Long Distance Charges
Some long distance companies contract with us to bill for their services. Long distance calls are itemized by the long distance company and numbered consecutively on your bill.