How to Order and Change your Power Supply Battery



Battery Replacement in your UPS


Fiber to the Home equipment must be powered locally at the residence. This requires the installation of a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) connected to an electrical outlet at the residence. During normal operation the UPS functions to provide power to the ONT (optical network terminal) located at the residence. The battery contained within the UPS is designed to provide phone service during a power outage. If you do not have a battery installed or if it does not work properly you will not be able to make phone calls when there is no electricity at the outlet where the UPS is connected.lightning

Properly maintained and working batteries are designed to provide phone service up to 8 hours in the event of a power outage. The performance of your battery may vary due to age, use, and environmental factors. A UPS with a series of three batteries providing up to 24 hours of backup can be installed if requested.

  • The Battery Backup Unit is meant specifically for your phone service and will not power cordless phones, other devices, including those that assist customers with disabilities or home security systems, or your Internet or TV service.
  • During a power outage, please consider minimizing the call duration of any unnecessary calls to help preserve your battery power. Consolidated will not provide credits and is not liable for interruptions of service due to power outages.
  • There may be other commercially available sources of backup power, such as a generator or an additional uninterruptible power source that may provide backup A/C power for your voice service. Please consult the manufacturers of those types of devices for more information about their functions and capabilities.


How do I know when my battery should be replaced?

hmmmYour home will be equipped with one of the three Power Supply options below. Select the appropriate link below to go to your product’s User Manual to get directions on battery replacement indicators.


Order your Battery

If you would like to order your battery from Consolidated, fill out the below form and choose the appropriate battery. Your purchase will be sent to you and amount charged to your account.

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Instructions for replacing your battery

Choose the power supply installed at your home to see how to replace the battery.

PSI PowerTec


CyberPower PS

Sign up for Maintenance Inside Wire

You can sign up for our Monthly Maintenance Plan which would cover the installation of a replacement battery in the power supply for Fiber-to-the-home customers*, as well as maintain and repair existing facilities. This is not for installation of additional wiring and jacks. It allows you to avoid a Service Call Charge and a Travel Charge regardless of where trouble is found. If trouble is found in the inside wire, the Consolidated will repair it. The Monthly Maintenance Plan does not cover repairs of customer equipment or customer facilities beyond the jack, such as phones, modems, computers, routers or LAN wiring. The plan does not cover the premises wiring at an off-premises location, nor does the Plan cover the facilities connecting two locations of a customer-owned off-premises extension, though an additional plan can be subscribed to for facilities at the off-premise location.

*Installation only covered. Customer must purchase battery.

Fill out the form below to subscribe to the Monthly Maintenance Plan for $2.00 a month.

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