Long-Distance Service

Consolidated Telephone provides a residential package which adequately fits your needs and budget. We can provide service for both local and long distance calls. Call today!


Now you can have high-quality long distance services, from a company you
know, and tailored to match your family or business needs:

  • No surprise hidden charges or restrictions
  • Customer service from local people
  • The convenience of one simple monthly statement

All of the advanced telecommunications services that connect your community with the world are available to you. Consolidated can truly be the only telecommunications provider you need.

There will never be a better time to sign up for Consolidated Long Distance. Because when you make the change now to Consolidated Long Distance, we will pay the switching fee!

20¢ per minute within Nebraska.
No monthly fee.

13¢ per minute outside Nebraska.
No monthly fee.

Direct Dial Long Distance

Consolidated Long Distance now offers international direct dial calling. Please refer to the long distance instructions for dialing procedures.

Consolidated 800 Number Service

15¢ per minute.
$5.00 monthly fee.
Convenient for business travelers, students and family.

900 Call Blocking

FREE to you from Consolidated!

Long Distance Service Freeze

A FREE service assuring your long distance choice cannot be switched without your consent. Consolidated wants to be your complete long distance provider. Please take a moment to click here and fill out the Long Distance Request Form:

  • One easy form
  •  One easy statement
  • No other service fees apply
  •  One company you can trust