Consolidated Telephone Co.
Customer Service: 800-742-7464
Internet Support: 800-232-7094

Serving Western Nebraska Since 1902

PROUDLY SERVING: Anselmo, Arthur, Ashby, Bingham, Brady, Brewster, Brownlee, Curtis, Dunning, Eustis, Halsey, Hyannis, Madrid, Maxwell, Maywood, Merna, Moorefield, Mullen, Paxton, Purdum, Seneca, Stockville, Thedford, Wallace, Wellfleet, Whitman, and Surrounding Areas.

More Fiber Coming Your Way!
Check with us to change to fiber optic Internet today: 800-742-7464. Ryan is working hard and, no, not in Kansas, he is making his way to your area here in Nebraska. Ryan is just a Kansas State fan!

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Fiber Optic Cable!
Fiber Optic Cable may be in your area, call Consolidated Telephone Co. to find out: 800-742-7464.

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New Fiber in Area
New fiber in areas close to you for faster Internet speeds that allows you to get just about anything done.

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