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About Your Phone Bill

Q: How Can I View and Pay My Bills


If you need instructions, you can visit this page to set up your account. If you are already set up with your username and password you can click "My Account" at the top of the website or click here.

Q: How and When We Bill


Telephone bills are mailed on approximately the 20th of each month. Local service charges are billed one month in advance; long distance charges, as well as installation and equipment charges, are billed in arrears. Your bill is due on the first of each month. Payment of your bill by the due date will enable you to establish a good telephone credit record. For billing inquiries, please call 800-742-7464.

Q: Payment Methods


Consolidated provides three ways to pay your phone bill.

Pay by Mail
A return envelope is included with each monthly billing. To ensure proper credit, please include the payment return portion with your payment. If your return envelope is not available, please write the phone number to be paid on your check or money order, and send your payment to the following address:

Consolidated Telephone Co.
P.O. Box 6147
Lincoln, NE 68506-0147

Pay by Debit or Credit Card
Payment can be made by debit card or credit card. Please call use at 800-742-7464 to make your payment. You will save time, postage, and ensure your bill is always paid on a timely basis.

Pay by Automatic Bill Payment
Automatic bill payment allows your phone bill to be deducted from your bank account. You will receive your statement on approximately the 20th of each month. We will automatically deduct your payment from your bank account on the first day of the next month, the date your bill is due. You will save time, postage, and ensure your bill is always paid on a timely basis. To enroll in the automatic bill payment, please call us at 800-742-7464, or enclose a deposit slip with your next remittance.

Pay Online
Now you can pay online by setting up an account to login in through our My Account! Using your seven digit phone number or account number for your login in and the ID# of your paper statement you can log into our site. Change your password. Then log in using the new password. You can review your bill online and make a payment. If you need help setting up the account access please call us at 800-742-7464 and we'd be happy to help you!

Instructions for Online Bill Pay

Q: Late Payments


If you are unable to pay your phone bill by the first of the month, please call 800-742-7464. Repeated late payments harm your credit record, which may necessitate a deposit or an additional deposit. We reserve the right to discontinue service in the event of default in payment. Service can be reconnected when billed charges, plus a service charge, are paid.

Q: Returned Checks


We assess a service charge for all returned checks. Insufficient fund checks affect your credit rating and may cause your phone to be disconnected.

Q: Credits and Refunds


Wrong Numbers and Poor Connections If you reach a wrong number, have a poor connection, or are disconnected during a long distance call, please call your long distance company so proper credit can be given.

Calls Answered by Fax or Answering Machines If you place a long distance call that is answered by a fax or answering machine you will be charged for the call, unless the call was placed person-to-person or collect.

Calls You Didn't Make If you are billed for a call you did not make, let your long distance company know. They will investigate and adjust your account, if necessary. Using another person's number or telephone credit card to charge calls without permission is against the law. Penalties include imprisonment and fines.

Money lost in a Pay Phone If you lose money in a pay phone owned by Consolidated, call the operator. You will receive a refund in the mail shortly after we receive notice.

Service Interruptions In the event your service is interrupted in excess of 24 hours after being reported, we will, upon request, credit a portion of your monthly charge. However, if service is interrupted as the result of widespread disaster, or other than by the negligence or willful act of our company, no refund shall be required unless the service remains interrupted for a period in excess of seven days.

Q: Vacation Rate


If you are going away for over 30 days, you may save money by temporarily suspending your home or business telephone service. The suspended service rate is one-half of your regular rate. When you go back into service you retain your telephone number, plus installation charges will be minimized.


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Payment Return
The top section of the first page shows your name, your account number and the total amount due. Please return this portion of the bill with your payment in the return envelope provided.

Summary of Charges
The bottom section of the first page is a summary of payment and billing information including recurring, non-recurring, and long distance charges, as well as applicable surcharges and taxes.


Detail of Recurring and Non-recurring Charges
Your monthly charges are itemized in this section.
Non-recurring charges such as installation, and pro-rated charges for service from the date of installation to the end of the month.


Messages and Explanations
On the back of the first page you will find important messages and an explanation of the monthly charges located in the summary section of the bill. On December 14, 2023, the FCC issued the attached Public Notice DA 23-1156 announcing that the proposed universal service contribution factor for the 1st Quarter of 2024 would be 34.6%.


Long Distance Charges
Some long distance companies contract with us to bill for their services. Long distance calls are itemized by the long distance company and numbered consecutively on your bill.

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