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What Speed Do I Need?

Internet Speed Calculator

How Much Speed/Bandwidth Do I need?

Speed/Bandwidth (Gbps) vs. Data Usage (GB)?

Storage, or Data Usage, is how much data you download (quantity) and is measured in Bytes (1 GigaByte = 1,000 MegaBytes). Speed, or bandwidth, is how fast you get your data (quality) and is measured in bits (1 Gigabit = 1,000 Megabits).

Consolidated DOES NOT LIMIT Data Usage!

Some companies limit how much data you can use. Consolidated Telephone, on the other hand, offers different speeds at unlimited data usage. In other words, other companies let you have the greatest speed (quality), but limit the amount of data (quantity) you can use, whereas Consolidated let's you choose what experience you want (quality) and doesn't limit your activities or data usage (quantity).

This translates to having the freedom from having to worry about how much you use the Internet or watch your streaming services on your TV or other devices. Also, you also have the freedom to choose what quality you really need to enjoy your Internet experience.

Use our Speed Calculator to you understand what speed you need to create the best experience for you!

If you don't use the Internet that often, or only receive email, you probably don't need a whole lot of speed to increase your enjoyment. But, if you find yourself waiting for a period of time for websites to load, your streaming videos are distorted, or sound quality of your music is not very good, you may need to increase your speed rate.


Choose 1 task for each person using an Internet service, unless the user is multi-tasking.

Browsing & Social Media


Basic webpages

Firefox Chrome Edge iBrowse

How Many Using Email?

Regular email use


Social Media?

Instagram, facebook, Twitter

Facebook Twitter Instagram  


Streaming SD:

Standard Definition

YouTube Netflix Amazon Hulu

Streaming HD:

High Definition

YouTube Netflix Amazon Hulu

Streaming 4K?

4K Resolution

Netflix Amazon Hulu  

Gaming & Music

Online Gaming?

Playstation, Xbox, etc.

Playstation xBox    

Streaming Music?

Pandora, Spotify, iTunes

Pandora Spotify iTunes  

Making Internet Calls?

Using VOIP.

Speed Recommended: 0

NOTE: This calculator is offered as a reference tool and is only an average calculation. The actual bandwidth required for specified applications can vary widely.

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