Consolidated Telephone Co.
Customer Service: 800-742-7464
Internet Support: 800-232-7094

Voicemail Instructions

Consolidated Telephone can simplify your life with these calling features.

To SET UP From Subscribed Phone:

Enter your Password and then:

NOTE: You must set up your mailbox from the phone receiving Voice Mail service.

To RETRIEVE From Subscribed Phone:

Your first new message may play immediately. If not, press 1 to listen to your messages. You will hear the announcement "You have X new messages and x saved messages."

To ACCESS From a Different Phone:

  1. xxx-2020, where xxx is your prefix (if dialing from outside Consolidated area, add 1 + area code).
    NOTE: Long Distance charges will apply.
  2. Enter your 10-digit phone number (area code + prefix + xxxx).
  3. Enter your Password and then:
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